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Appalachian Queen Microbreeder

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2022 Nucs

Nucleus Colonies for Sale

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Genetic Options

For 2023 we'll just have a few overwintered Appalachian nucs for spring pick up and some splits as season goes. We had a ba-bee!

Previous options

VP Queen VSH Pol Line 2.2

Selection for this line centers on mite-resistance, production, temperament, build-up and longevity. Breeding candidates build up strongly, produce high honey yields and have low mite infestations.

VP Queen VSH Carniolan

They build up more slowly, but produce enormous brood nests and worker populations in time for the honey flow. They slow up if the nectar/pollen availability lessens and they make a conservative Fall brood nest. Good VSH Expression.


From our best wild caught swarm and her daughters with the quickest spring buildup. Caucasian characteristics. Make honey like Italians but MORE gentle and dark in color. Good for honey production, and larger colonies. Hygienic uncapping behavior. 


A "They Keep Bees" MA line mated in the Anarchy Apiaries NY yard. I received a batch of these queens from their SARE grant. As a whole they overwintered amazing w/o treatment. They build up like Carniolans but maintain solid larger brood patterns past the summer solstice for a bigger last batch of bees going into winter. 


I often have other options from Leigh Knott of 5 Apple Farm or others who have kept the same lines without having to buy bees or are working with treament free or VSH lines. 

*Limited Quantities. Order in advance, especially if you want a certain line.

*Queens are open mated here in Western North Carolina at higher elevations. Colors will vary.

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2,800' Above Sea Level

Our queens are open mated in our apiary located at 2,800' in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.

Appalachian Queens

No Africanized Genetics - Our winters are too cold for Africanized bees to survive.
Highest elevation active permitted breeder in NC.

Inspected, with Permit to Sell

Our bees are inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Apiary Division.

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