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2020 - High Elevation Appalachian Queens

2019 QUEENS 

2019 overwintered summer queens. Second year queens are known for coming into their own and being high performers. Mainly Old Sol x Local and my Appalachian Mutts. 


From our best wild caught swarm and her daughters with the quickest spring buildup. Make honey like Italians but MORE gentle and dark in color. Good for honey production, and larger colonies. Maintained good mite counts (right behind Old Sol) with seasonal brood breaks. The black and red ones (Beauty Queens) are $5 more. Available June - August 2020.


Old Sol is from Oregon. This queen was bred to be hygienic, and gentle and lives up to both. Uncapping behavior observed. They overwinter easily with proper management. She and her best honey producing daughters are breeders for 2020. With a seasonal brood break these queens maintained excellent mite counts with only a few outliers late fall which became exempt from the program. Available June - August 2020.


2,700' Above Sea Level

Our queens are open mated in our apiary located at 2,700 in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.

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